Epic Releases Another Round of Free Content

Epic has released November’s free featured content. Ballistics FX | Cubit Studios Intensify your weapon combat with a library of over 90 ricochet, destruction, and other impact effects. Interactive Lights System | Michal Orzelek Implement interactive lights and switches with ease using this set of advanced drag-and-drop Blueprints. Mesh & Actor Placement 4.0 | Gabeee Build up your environments with easy-to-generate buildings, stairs, columns, bridges, and more. Modular Seaside Town | Matima studio Create your own seaside retreat with a modular collection of scenic structures, as well as high-fidelity rocks and foliage. Ocean Floor Environment | Anil Isbilir Dive into aquatic level design with algae, schools of fish, rocks, and wreckage. New permanently free content: Construction Site Vol. 1 – Supply and Material Props | Dekogon Studios Get to work equipped with the essential meshes, materials, and props for your construction site. Construction Site Vol. 2 – Tools, Parts, and Machine Props | Dekogon Studios Add authenticity to your site with realistic tools, machines, hard hats, and more. Hollywood Movie Props VOL.3 | Dekogon Studios Set the stage with a high-quality collection of lights, softboxes, and scaffolding.

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