Earlier in the current Destiny 2 season, players were able to take on the Exotic weapon quest to earn Hawkmoon, a powerful hand cannon. There’s more to the story with Hawkmoon, it seems, and this week the Crow has a new mission related to the new gun. Where you need to go to access the new Bird of Prey mission, however, is not obvious, and you’ll have to find a secret location in the EDZ on Earth to advance the quest.

Here’s what you need to know to get started with the Bird of Prey quest and exactly where you need to go to find the Harbinger mission.

Visit The Crow

First, head to the Crow on the Tangled Shore. If you’ve been keeping up with the Crow’s missions in the Season of the Hunt and have already unlocked Hawkmoon, you’ll find a new Exotic mission on his menu called Bird of Prey. Take it, and the mission will direct you to the EDZ–but it won’t give you a waypoint to tell you where to go.

Find The Fireplace In Trostland

The next step of the quest sends you to Earth to find a secret path. Load into the Trostland transmat zone in the EDZ. Make sure you have Hawkmoon equipped, and head to the east side of the area, into the destroyed building to the right of the path that heads toward Maevic Square.

Look for the fireplace in the destroyed building just to the right of the path leading out of the area.
Look for the fireplace in the destroyed building just to the right of the path leading out of the area.

You’re looking for a fireplace in the destroyed building. Shoot into it, and you’ll blow the back out of the fireplace, revealing the path forward.

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Immediately inside the hole in the fireplace, look to the left for a sparking fusebox. Interact with it and you’ll start the mission.


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