Deathloop is finally available on Xbox Series X|S consoles from today, and with the game also available through Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions, it’s a safe bet that the Arkane-developed game is about to experience big download numbers this week. A first-person shooter that mixes time travel with a beautiful art direction and gameplay that encourages players to explore the island of Blackreef, Deathloop’s learning curve can be daunting in its opening hours.

There are plenty of guides and walkthroughs available for the game, but for anyone looking to get an idea of how to start their journey properly, Deathloop co-director Dinga Bakaba has put together a very helpful Twitter thread full of useful tips and tricks.

Alternatively, you can bookmark these pages and return when you need some more specific help in Deathloop. These guides will show you where to find the best weapons in Deathloop, how to eliminate the trickier Visionaries, and where to find some handy supernatural powers.

As a reminder, Deathloop also received the Golden Loop update today. This adds new enemies to the game, an expanded ending, a new weapon called The Halps Protoype, a new power, and cross-play matchmaking.

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