Comments of the Week 20: A British Hangover Cure screenshot

This opening paragraph is normally the part I write last and, as such, I am writing it whilst still hungover from a stag-do last night, so I apologise if I get a word wrong here or tehre.

(For those in the land of the non-tea-lovers, a stag-do means “bachelor party.”)

So today, the hangover is king and for any others out there who had a wild Saturday night I feel your pain and empathises wholeheartedly. However, what better cure for the Sunday recovery than reading the best comments of the week?

This week you are hosted by me, your very own full English breakfast: TheLimoMaker!

[Editors Note: Normally this fine institution would clean up any grammatical or spelling errors for public consumption. However, it has been decided that in an effort to keep the author’s post-stag shame intact, the original work would be left as-is.]

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