Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome our newest contributing writer AwDaSea to the MoEsport family! AwDaSea is a veteran in the Clash Royale competitive scene, with accolades including 2nd Place in the Crown Duel, a Top 8 finish at the Clash Royale Northern Arena Tournament, and 2nd place in the 1st season for Clan Royale League.

First off, huge shout out to Nemos for creating such an amazing online event series and providing quality content. If you don’t know what the SUS Cup is or have missed any of the action then this is the place to be. The SUS Cup is a tournament hosted by Nemos that has a unique format making it extremely fun and exciting to watch. There are 8 teams with 6 players on each team, the teams choose a 5 player line up and use a King of the Hill style (winner keeps playing). Each game is best of one, a team wins when they have eliminated all the players on the opposing team and each team gets one revive. In order to win the match a team needs to win 2 out of 3 sets. Currently in it’s second iteration and looking to start the first round next week but before we delve any deeper let’s look at the process it took to get here.


16 top players were invited to potentially be the captain of one of the teams. The players were split into 2 groups of 8 and played each other in a round robin format. Top 4 from each group became captains and the remaining 8 went into the draft pool.

The 8 captains then played in a bracket to determine the draft order, first place got first pick, second place picks second, and so on. All matches were played as a best of three. Since 8 of the best players in the world are playing in a bracket it results in some exciting games. All the matches can be found on Nemos youtube channel here but I will highlight a couple games I thought were particularly exciting.

The bracket kicks off with a bang, the first match is Azilys vs Surgical Goblin. Azilys is using a hog cycle deck and Surgical has opted for lavaloon. They trade their first towers before overtime and almost the entirety of overtime is exhausted as the two attempt to achieve victory, Azilys aiming for Surgical’s second princess tower and Surgical Goblin gunning for the three crown. Azilys elects to spell cycle the win but leaves the tower at 11 health and Surgical takes down the king tower with 11 seconds left in overtime!

Game two of the finals between Surgical Goblin and Pompeyo pins Surgical’s miner poison deck against the bridge spam piloted by Pompeyo. Both players’ defend well but by the time overtime hits Surgical has chipped Pompeyo’s towers down and has a significant hit point advantage. Pompeyo makes an amazing play that tips the scales in his favour when he reveals his last card, lightning. Surgical Goblin attempts to defend the battle ram royal ghost push with miner, bandit, and log but an impeccably timed lightning spell from Pompeyo hit the tower, miner, and bandit securing a battle ram connection as well as extra damage from the royal ghost. Surgical fights valiantly as he defends his weak lane while simultaneously chipping away the tower in the opposite lane. Surgical is successful in his efforts, finishing off the tower with a log with less than a minute remaining in overtime and acquiring him the first draft pick.

The Usual SUSpects

The player’s eligible to be drafted were determined by a series of open qualifiers and a number of invited pro players. A total of 64 players (48 invited + 16 qualifiers) were split into 8 groups of 8 and competed in a round robin. The top 4 players from each group earned a spot in the draft pool. You can watch the full draft video on youtube at NemosTV.

Image by @nemos_twitch

The SUSpenseful Team Reveals

All eight teams seem really strong and will provide some quality games and entertaining matches. Each team has a mix of accomplished players and lesser known players that can showcase their talent against the best in the world. If I had to pick two favourites I would go with Team Taco and R.I.P. Soking. I am looking forward to the matches and thrilled to find out what each team brings to the table.

Images by @nemos_twitch

Day 1, Clash of ColosSUS

The week kicks off with R.I.P. Soking vs Legal Gems, casted by Nemos and Gio. The first set begins with Azilys using a Giant Double Prince deck against the Mega Knight Bait of CM Awesome. Azilys deals with the swarms easily with The Log, Zap, and Ewiz resulting in the first win going to Legal Gems. Azilys takes the second game with Mortar Spam versus Berin but falls short in game three against the crazy Sparky Rage deck brought out by Saint Belikin. Saint Belikin wins the next two games using Lava-loon and X-Bow against Boeufmac and Doberman respectively. Next up for Legal Gems is Beast and he comes out swinging. Beast takes down Saint Belikin, Coltonw83, and BENIJU with solid play and favorable match ups. This leaves R.I.P. Soking on their last hope, they revive Saint Belikin. Belikin gets his revenge on Beast in an intense game that Beast extends into overtime (OT) at the last second by securing a tower kill but Saint Belikin grabs the next tower. [TyRant] RiuT gets punished by the elixir advantage generated by Saint Belikin’s 3 Musketeer deck. Beast is revived and the final game in the set is a rematch. Saint Belikin opts to use an X-Bow deck but is unfortunately countered by Beast’s Giant Miner deck and Legal Gems wins the first set.

R.I.P. Soking and Legal Gems trade the first couple rounds of the second set as Saint Belikin takes down Azilys and Boeufmac responds by overwhelming Belikin in a Giant Double Prince mirror match. Berin is next in line for R.I.P. Soking and has an exhausting match against Boeufmac that results in a tie. The rematch ends in a tie as well but tie breaker rules dictate that the player with the lowest single tower health loses thus Berin is granted victory. Berin continues his streak, picking up wins against Doberman and Beast. Berin is finally stopped by MaxLaMenace’s Mortar Spam but that flame is extinguished by CMcHugh as Max’s giant gets slaughtered by the Pekka. Legal Gems decides to revive Azilys and he has his work cut out for him. Azilys defeats CMcHugh with his Giant Poison deck, using his spells and magic archer to deal with CmcHugh’s swarm troops. Coltonw83 steps up to the plate and an exciting game unfolds. Colton is poised to take the game as they enter OT, he gets a tower within log range and Azilys throws down a last ditch effort Graveyard Freeze combo. Right before Colton’s log hits the tower the skeletons from Azilys kill Colton’s tower and Legal Gems still has a chance to win the set. Azilys wins the next game with 18 seconds left in OT with Mortar spam against BENIJU’s log bait. Similar to the first set we are down to the last two players on both teams. R.I.P. Soking revives Berin but Azilys has too much momentum and can’t be stopped, he wins the game, the set, and the match for Legal Gems in one of the most impressive comebacks in competitive Clash Royale history.

Day 2, Finding Nemos vs Beatdown

The match commences with an intense match between Fei and Loay, Valkyrie Graveyard versus Miner Poison. The game goes deep into OT and a tower on each side has been withered away to almost nothing. Loay gets the final blow on Fei’s tower with his miner just before the final tick of poison takes down his own tower, winning the opening round with 19 health left on his tower. Loupanji is the next challenger for team Finding Nemos and brings his Lava-loon deck. Loay is able to destroy a tower early on with his Pekka Battle Ram deck. Loupanji puts up an honorable fight but Loay is able to take the win by the skin of his teeth. Surgical Goblin makes quick work of Loay with a brisk three crown victory, finally putting Finding Nemos on the board. Surgical goes on a rampage, defeating Oxalate, Bazaar, and Bochumfan before falling victim to iSlaw who chips him down with spells and his Miner deep into OT. Alkama puts team Beatdown on the ropes after vanquishing iSlaw, forcing Beatdown to revive Loay as their last hope in the first set. Donkey Kong steps up to finish the job and is successful after an unstoppable Lava-loon push that takes the first tower with only a few seconds left in regulation time.

Fei comes into set two on an absolute tear, taking down Oxalate, Bochumfan, Flobby, and iSlaw. With Beatdown on their last player, the monster that is Fei is finally stopped by Loay’s Three Musketeer deck. Loay fights back for team Beatdown, eliminating Alkama with a Miner Balloon deck after an Inferno Dragon gets a lock on to Alkama’s tower. Loay has the lead in the next game versus Loupanji but Loupanji is able to eek out a win with an impressive comeback. Loay isn’t done yet as he is revived and gets his revenge on Loupanji, overwhelming him with Log Bait. Surgical Goblin crushes the hopes of Beatdown with his Giant Poison deck, winning the set and thus the match 2-0.

Day 3, Team Pizza vs Team Taco

DiegoB from Team Taco devours Pizza Gio in the initial match and is hungry for more as he defeats Morten in game two with Graveyard Cycle. Matt_01 gets a win for Team Pizza, smashing the crunchy taco shell of DiegoB with his Mortar deck. Matt_01’s next opponent is MusicMaster and in a volatile game of Lava-loon versus X-Bow MusicMaster is able to win 2-0 at the end of regulation time. MusicMaster sets his team up for a win after defeating GuaNek, leaving Dharanikota for Team Pizza to deal with the three remaining players of Team Taco after triumphing over MusicMaster. Dharanikota deals with Eternity by defending the Golem pushes and hacking away at Eternity’s tower with his Miner and spells. Dharanikota takes an early lead against the opposition, Adrian Piedra. Adrian is unable to take a tower in return, granting Dharanikota the win through impressive defensive skills. Dharanikota has his work cut out for him as the captain of Team Taco approaches. Pompeyo4 snags a three crown victory with a surprise Royal Hog deck that Dharanikota is unable to answer. Team Pizza revives Dharanikota falls short again as Pompeyo wins again and takes the first set for Team Taco.

DiegoB proves again that he is a formidable starter as he goes on an insane four game win streak, leaving Morten, Matt_01, Dharanikota, and GuaNek in the dust. The pizza man himself, Gio, is starving and orders up a plate of tacos. Gio makes quick work of DiegoB, MusicMaster, and Eternity before being matched with Adrian Piedra. Adrian Piedra takes and early lead and things look bleak for Gio but with 16 seconds left in regulation Gio exposes his last card… Freeze! With a remarkable Royal Hog + Freeze combo Gio sends the game into overtime. Unfortunately Gio is unable to defend for much longer and eventually falls to Adrian Piedra, leaving Team Pizza on their last stand for the set and the match. Matt_01 is revived to battle Adrian and both bring two different Hog Rider decks. Matt_01 takes the lead when his Pekka miraculously gets a couple swings on the tower but then Adrian Piedra spices things up and sneaks in a few hog hits. Adrian Piedra launches a Valkyrie, Hog Rider, Flying Machine push that accompanied by a fireball on the defending troops grants him the victory and Team Taco takes the set and the match 2-0.

Day 4, Team Kings vs Team Habibis

Team Kings starts with their captain, Soking, and Team Habibis chooses Yeray to kick things off. Team Kings takes an early lead as Soking defeats Yeray with Miner Poison and zTeemper with a Giant Miner deck with triple spells that easily handles zTeemper’s Log Bait. Soking’s next challenger is xopxsam who brings a Golem deck to the arena. Soking tries to defend the Golem push with his Three Musketeers but a well placed fireball melts the musketeers and xopxsam gains a massive advantage that results in a win for Team Habibis. RUBEN versus xopxsam goes down to the wire but with six seconds left in overtime xopxsam finishes the tower with a Goblin Barrel + Log combo, leaving the score at two points each. Team Kings brings out xPedro15 to take down xopxsam and he doesn’t stop there, xPedro15 takes down the final two players Swood and Big Spin, leaving Team Habibis with only their revive left. Yeray gives his team a fighting chance as he takes down xPedro15 but loses to Fernando725 after misplacing a Mortar that fails to pull the Golem.

Team Habibis is not happy with the results in the first set so they unleash the wrath of zTeemper on Team Kings. Cuchii Cuu is first on the chopping block and zTeemper’s Pekka defends Cuchii Cuu’s Giant pushes with ease. zTeemper defeats RUBEN with less than a minute left in OT with a Miner Poison deck and moves on to the next opponent. zTeemper’s Giant pushes overwhelm xPedro15 granting him a third win and then a fourth over Soking with Lava-loon. Against Fernando725 zTeemper brings out an X-Bow deck and earns a significant advantage early on and maintains it until he finishes off the tower with a fireball. Soking is revived and chooses to play Mortar Bait, zTeemper plays Hog Cycle and is able to chunk down the tower after Soking misplaces a Mortar resulting in the Hog Rider ignoring it. zTeemper puts Team Habibis on his back and sweeps the set 6-0!

The final set of the match starts with two Giant decks, piloted by RUBEN and xopxsam. RUBEN does not have an appropriate response for the Mini Pekka and xopxsam takes the first game. Team Habibis looks like they may sweep the set again as xopxsam takes down xPedro15, Cuchii Cuu, and Soking with relative ease. Fernando725 begins the uphill battle that is Team Kings potential comeback when xopxsam cannot mitigate the damage from Fernando725’s Balloon Cycle deck. Fernando continues the streak, eliminating Swood by poking holes in his defense with persistent split pushes using a Royal Hog Three Musketeer deck. Fernando ties the set 4-4 after taking down Big Spin and Yeray in two really close games. The light at the end of the tunnel for Team Habibis is zTeemper who takes the win with Miner Balloon in an explosive match against Lava-loon. Team Kings revives Fernando725 and he brings Lava-loon again but this time succeeds and brings the final set of the match to the final game. Team Habibis revives zTeemper (no surprise) and faces Fernando725 in their third game of the set. Fernando725 brings out a Pekka Poison deck and zTeemper surprises Fernando with his Lava-loon deck. Both players wait patiently for their opponent to make the first move, the timer goes under a minute before the first troop is dropped. Fernando puts up an admirable fight but in the end cannot hold zTeemper’s armada and loses his first tower in OT. zTeemper clutches the set and the match for Team Habibis in an insane fashion and should be considered the MVP of the match.

Special thanks to Nemos and the organizers/admins for the SUS Cup as well as all the casters and everyone else working behind the scenes. Thanks for the quality content and entertainment!

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