Clash Royale esports has now officially arrived: after months of rumors and speculation, Supercell finally announced the roster of thirty six top esports organizations that will be participating in the inaurgural Clash Royale League.

The North America region will feature 8 teams that will be very familiar to esports fans: Cloud9 Esports, Team SoloMid, Tribe Gaming, Immortals, NRG, Complexity, 100 Thieves and Counter Logic Gaming.  Meanwhile, the European region will be represented by FNATIC, Misfits, SK Gaming, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Team Queso, Team Dignitas and Allegiance. Mainland China will be represented by EDG.M, GO, JDG, LGD, NOVA, OP, SNAKE, WE and Asia will be represented by OGN Entus, Sandbox, Kingzone, OP.GG, GameWith, PONOS Sports, DetonatioN Gaming, FAV Gaming, AHQ ESPORTS CLUB, KIX, Chaos Theory and Bren Esports. The teams representing the Latin American region of the CRL will be announced at a later date.

“The level of enthusiasm we’ve seen from the most respected esports teams in the world is as humbling as it is exciting, and we’re looking forward to supporting them in order to grow the Clash Royale esports ecosystem for our players,” said Tim Ebner, who oversees esports at Supercell. “Staying true to the Supercell vision of making games everyone can enjoy for years and years, the Clash Royale League will continue to offer as many players as possible an open path to competing at the highest level.”

For easy reference, below are the official announcements and quotes from some the participating teams in NA and EU:

Cloud9: “It’s tremendous how quickly Clash Royale revealed itself to be the next big esport and we are impressed with Supercell’s thoughtful steps to build an exciting global league,” said Jack Etienne, owner of Cloud9. “It’s also incredible that the Clash Royale League gives every single player the opportunity to go pro, giving us the opportunity to draft new and upcoming talent. We’ll be watching to see who rises to the top over the next few months of competitive play and can’t wait to put our team together and compete for a spot at the World Finals.”

Tribe Gaming:




100 Thieves:



Team Queso:

Misfits: CEO Ben Spoont: “We are excited to grow Misfits’ mobile Esports division with a game like Clash Royale and its vibrant community and huge player base”

Team Liquid:


SK Gaming:

Congrats to Tim and the Supercell team, all the new CRL esports teams, and the pro players that will now be the face of Clash Royale esports.  We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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