Top players and influencers in Clash Royale gathered in Atlanta this past weekend for the highly-anticipated Clash Royale King’s Cup Tournament II.  Despite being a casual tournament, this Youtube Gaming-exclusive event didn’t hold back on its production budget with a $200k cash prize pool and by flying in top shoutcasters and influencers for 2 days of production in Atlanta.  Now having the experience of producing numerous esports events and tournaments, the Clash Royale and Youtube Gaming team were able to deliver an event that was as fun to watch as it was to participate in.  Here are some key takeways from the event:

Community is Key

A major reason for the success of the King’s Cup II is the fact that just about everyone showed up!  Community leaders and top players alike jumped on the opportunity to participate in one of the first major live Clash Royale events in a long time.  Competitive teams such as Nova Esports and Tribe Gaming used the event an opportunity to meet with their players and staff.  Aspiring streamers and content producers finally had the opportunity to meet their favorite influencers all in one place.  And amateur players had a chance to not only challenge the pros, but also to actually win a substantial amount in cash prize!  The Clash Royale community was hungry for a major live event, and Supercell/YouTube Gaming delivered what they wanted.

Balance of Influencers, Pros, and Amateurs

The first iteration of King’s Cup last year was focused solely around influencers, while the Crown Championship is focused solely on the “professional” competitive scene. King’s Cup II took the learnings from its previous events and created a format that would appeal to a much greater range of Clash Royale players.  Highlighting this is the winning team from the tournament, comprised of Clash of Ash, Surgical Goblin, and Vulkan.  While Clash with Ash and Surgical Goblin are already well known individuals in the content production and competition scene respectively and received special invites to the tournament, Vulkan entered the tournament as one of 500+ challengers in the open tournament.  After qualifying in the Top 8, Vulkan and seven other participants (special shoutout to my former clanmate yugi_art!) were drafted by the Youtube Creator/Pro team based on the order determined from the first day of competition.  The format was well thought out to surface all 3 types of players, and the 2-day tournament made players more invested into the teams and results.

Stepping up with Production Value

A good looking production does not always equate to a fun viewing or participating experience, and this is something both the Clash Royale and Youtube Gaming team learned from the first King’s Cup.  The decision to split the tournament into 2 days rather than 1 allowed for a better execution of the event rundown, and an overall better experience for those who participated.  With experience also comes better execution: despite some hiccups with the live tournament management (players complained of poor coordination and communication during the live qualifiers), the production itself was well prepared and smoothly executed.  The homegrown shoutcasting team from the Crown Championships are also stepping up their game, as the likes of The Rum Ham, Woody, BBXH, Full Frontage and ABrownBag have found their comfort zone working these types of events.

Be sure to check out the full VOD of the tournament below if you haven’t watched it yet.  Here’s hoping that we will be seeing more mobile esports events of this calibre in the near future!



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