Amazon Games and Bandai Namco have partnered on a brand new Pac-Man experience called Pac-Man Live Studio that will be playable directly through Twitch

The free title will allow fans to play and create Pac-Man levels directly in the Pac-Man Live Studio Twitch channel, and won’t require any downloads. 

The Twitch-centric title has been rolled out to celebrate the famous yellow puck’s 40th birthday, and will feature different modes like Maze Creator, Classic Mode, and Endless Mode. 

Maze creator will let people create and share their own chomping grounds, which can then be played and rated by the Twitch community.

Classic mode is the original 1980s version of the title, expect with a high-score board that comprises the entire Twitch playerbase, and Endless Mode challenges four-player teams to work together to beat a never-ending stream of mazes. 

It’s currently unclear when Pac Man Live Studio will actually launch, with Amazon Games simply explaining the title is “coming soon to Twitch.”

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