The best part of Saturday isn’t the fact you’re off from work or that you can start drinking at 12. No, it’s that Droid Gamers is here to bring you more excellent Android content.

Today is our weekly round up of the best news that you might have missed while living your busy lives. We’re really good to you, you know that?

The biggest Android story this week: the strategy RPG Sonny launched on Android

The post-apocalyptic strategy RPG Sonny launched this week on Android. You play as the eponymous protagonist whose lost his memory, and embarks on a journey to save the world.

That mostly involves building a party, equipping them with new abilities, and levelling up. The usual. Go and grab it right now on Google Play.


Dragon Project will offer Monster Hunter-style thrills on Android soon

Dragon Project is an upcoming RPG that aims to bring Monster Hunter-style gameplay to Android. As you can expect, you’ll run around carving up monsters and using their remains to craft new equipment.

You can also play with your friends – or at least you will be able to when it’s out. Go and pre-register to grab it as soon as it launches on Android.


Metroid-like Life on Mars has just launched

Life on Mars is basically an indie love letter to Metroid, and it launched this week on Android. Well, actually, it was remastered on Android. This new version features much snazzier visuals than the PC original.

It plays an awful lot like Metroid. You’ll explore an alien landscape, collecting new weapons and upgrades as you go. Go and grab it on Google Play right now.

Life on Mars

The Walking Dead Our World aims to blend zombies with Pokemon GO

This week, we uncovered the upcoming gem The Walking Dead Our World, which aims to combine the popular TV show with Pokemon GO. So expect lots of zombies walking around your home time via AR.

Oh, and you’re not catching zombies by the way. No, instead you’ll fight them off. Hopefully you won’t have to flail around like a lunatic though, because that might be a bit embarrassing.


Hero Siege has been patched and finally works on Android again

Last, but certainly not least, was the revelation that Hero Siege has finally been patched and works on Android again. Huzzah!

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, this is a mobile port of the hit PC hack and slasher. It’s kind of like Diablo but a very retro version. Go and grab it from Google Play right now.


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