Charge Your iPhone, Apple Watch, And AirPods With This MagSafe Wireless Charging Station

When you’re on the go with your devices, you’re going to need to keep them charged. Some of the most frustrating experiences in the airport can be running around looking for a free outlet while your cell phone is ticking down to 2%. Rather than rely on bulky battery packs that seem to always weigh a ton and only charge one device at a time, why not go with the modern option? Wireless chargers have been becoming popular with their lightweight, slim, and easy-to-use design since they reached the market.

Right now, you can get the MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand for only $45 (reg. $69). That’s 35% off the usual price! MagStack is great for all your mobile power needs. Able to wirelessly charge up to 3 devices at once, you’ll never face the dilemma of deciding which battery to charge. Compatible with iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watch, Bluetooth earbuds, and any MagSafe or Qi-compatible Android phones, you’ll never worry about your devices again. You’ll cut down on cords and weight, as the wireless MagStack folds neatly into a light, wallet-sized stack so you can slip it into any pocket.

Not only do you get a lightweight, compact charger, but MagStack can also fold into triangle mode that turns it into a floating stand that charges your device while you FaceTime or watch videos in landscape mode! You’ll enjoy your favorite movies while charging your phone, all without needing to hold it up the entire time. This 3-in-1 folding charger is already a great deal, and with 35% taken off, you can’t beat this price.

The MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand will keep all of your devices topped up and make sure your clutter levels remain down. If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable option to stay connected while traveling or away from an outlet, this is the charger for you. This deal won’t last long, so get the MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand for only $45 today .

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What is the best design for handling Parent-Child relationships in Entity Component System ?

I was thinking about this for the past week but every idea I have seem to have a big problem with it

First I thought about making every entity have a parent even if the parent is just an empty point in the origin, needless to say why was this a bad idea, it’d require extra 4 bytes (because of the parent ID) for every entity

Second I thought about making a parent component, But the problem with this is the amount of sub subroutines

The Best Horror Games for Android 2021 – Hello Neighbor, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Eyes and More

There are few things better in life than scaring your pants off. That’s something game developers realized a while back, which means there’s loads of horror games on the Play Store.

But which ones are worth your time? Well, that’s the question we’ve tried to answer in this list. We’ve picked what we think are the best horror experiences for Android.

We’ve got puzzlers, we’ve got psychological horror, we’ve got adventures, multiplayer games and more. Click on the names of the games and you can download them from the app Store.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

The original version of the smash hit jump-scare franchise. It’s not the most complex of experiences, but in terms of sheer sudden-soil-yourself moments, it’s hard to beat. You’ll never look at animatronics the same way after you’ve played this.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

An assymetric multiplayer experience that sees you playing either as a murderous villain or one of their potential victims. It’s got the gloomy, grimy aesthetic of the torture porn genre, and while it won’t terrify you, it’ll keep you on edge.

Hello Neighbor

There’s something off about the guy next door. That’s the basic premise of this one. You’re a kid sneaking into your neighbor’s house to find out what’s what. It’s another one that could more accurately be described as tense than terrifying, but it’s still worth checking out.

Evil Nun: Horror in the School

What’s scarier than a nun? How about a nun with a mangled face and an axe? Yeah that’s way scarier. This one is a bit of a cult hit, it blends exploration and legging it from nuns. It’ll freak you out in all of the right ways.

Slayaway Camp

A lighter take on all the gore and slaughter you’ll find elsewhere on this list. It takes its cues from 80’s slasher flicks and turns them into a teen-murdering puzzler. You’ll smile, you’ll hack people up with axes, you’ll smile again.

Eyes: Scary Thriller

A scary wander through an abandoned asylum / mansion. Every corridor is gross, every gurney is stained and every scare is pretty perfectly timed. There are monsters and ghosts, there are freakish leering faces, and it’s all delightfully awful.

Identity V

Another asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Once again you’re playing as the hunter or the hunted, this time in a creepy Victorian setting. There are different characters to choose from and randomized levels to keep you on your toes.

Distraint 2

The Distraint series sits on the psychological end of the horror spectrum. You’re wandering through a freaky mansion, figuring out what’s going on in your head and trying to come to terms with some trauma. There are puzzles, there are ghouls and there are some real shocks.

Forgotten Memories

Time to dip into the survival horror genre for a spell. Forgotten Memories wears its Silent Hill inspiration on its sleeve. It’s creepy, it’s got weird nurses, and nothing is ever as it seems. It might be getting on a bit, but it’s still worth a punt.

The Walking Dead

Telltale might be gone, but the game that made its name is still available to download. This is a harrowing glimpse at life in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and poses one simple question – what will you do to survive?

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