Nintendo Is Suing Bowser, Or At Least Someone Named Bowser

Nintendo is a big fan of Bowser. In fact, Nintendo of America’s president is even Doug Bowser, as of a few years ago. However, not all Bowsers are in the company’s good graces, as Nintendo has filed a lawsuit alleging that a man named Gary Bowser is in charge of a piracy operation targeting the Switch.

In a lawsuit filed in Seattle (via Polygon), Nintendo alleges that Gary Bowser is one of the leaders of a piracy group called Team Xecuter, which makes and sells an operating system called SX OS that is used to circumvent Nintendo Switch security systems. Once installed, Nintendo says this OS allows for pirated games to be played on Nintendo Switch, which would be otherwise impossible.

“If a user already owns a lawful, properly purchased Nintendo Switch game, the user can use the SX OS and accompanying features to turn that game into an unlawful copy, which allows the user to share additional unauthorized copies with more users also using the SX OS on the Nintendo Switch,” the lawsuit says.

Additionally, Nintendo alleges that Bowser has been trafficking circumvention devices for many years, dating back to the original Nintendo DS. It seems Bowser has been a thorn in Nintendo’s side for a long time. He was indicted in 2020 in Washington on similar allegations, mostly related to Nintendo products.

Nintendo did not lay out a specific dollar amount overall that it’s looking to receive from the lawsuit but did specify wanting $2,500 and $150,000 per violation of two different laws, as well as alternatively receiving actual damages and Bowser’s alleged profits if they can be proved during the trial. They might be in gold coins.

Nintendo is notoriously litigious and protective of its IP, and given their massive popularity–even among those who don’t play video games–that’s unsurprising. The company’s stance, which appears to have been removed from the American website’s legal section, is that downloading ROMs is always illegal, regardless of whether you own the physical game already. It says a law permitting copying only applies to copying a game yourself in order to prevent loss in the case of the original being damaged.

We’ll have to wait and see how the case unfolds, but Bowser’s Fury might not do much good against Nintendo’s army of lawyers.

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Analyst: PS5 boasts record console launch despite continuing supply issues

Despite ongoing issues with supply, analysts at the NPD Group estimate that Sony has already seen a record console launch thanks to its November 2020 debut of the PlayStation 5.

Hardware estimates assembled by the NPD Group seem to show that the PlayStation 5 has outsold every other console launch to date when compared to each’s first five months on the market, in terms of both units sold and dollar sales.

However while that factoid is mentioned alongside the report, the exact number of PS5 consoles sold or the number of dollar sales those deals have brought in aren’t included in the NPD’s US Games Industry Sales report for March.

The report does however offer a peek at how video game hardware, content, and accessory sales so far this year compare against sales in 2020, though it is worth noting that NPD’s data on game sales doesn’t necessarily include stats from all platforms or publishers.

According to the NPD Group’s estimates, the US game industry as a whole has seen $14.9 billion in video game dollar sales between January 1 and March 31, 2021, up 30 percent from the year prior. That includes $1.4 billion in video game hardware sales, up a whopping 81 percent yoy likely thanks to next-gen hardware launches with some help from the Nintendo Switch.

Video game content is up 25 percent year-over-year to $12.8 billion, while accessories have brought in $717 million so far in 2021, up 42 percent from this point in 2020.

For March alone, NPD’s video game industry analyst adds that last month set a new March record for hardware dollar sales at $5.6 billion. While the PlayStation 5 is the top earner in terms of dollar sales for 2021, March belongs to Nintendo.

Its now 4-year-old handheld console hybrid was the best-selling console in terms of both units sold and dollar sales during March, and even beats the PlayStation 5 in terms of units sold for the first three months of 2021.

Travel to the 32th zone in Sunsoft’s Atlantis no Nazo

Part of what draws me to Famicom games is the fact that I missed out entirely on the culture around it. Not only am I of an age that would have given the Super Famicom more significance, but — and this may shock you — I’m not Japanese.

One of my biggest windows into the Famicom culture is Game Center CX, a Japanese show that involves a guy, Shinya Arino, in an office playing video games for hours at a time in an attempt to beat them. There are segments that celebrate the games of yore and explore the many arcades that still exist scattered across the country, and bit by bit, you’re given insight into the Japanese perspective.

Among the things I’ve learned is that there was a period in the mid-‘80s where players seemed to be obsessed with “secrets.” This would sometimes merely be the presence of a warp zone, a concept that was grasped by Western audiences as well. Other times it would be a cameo appearance by characters from another game. But developers would occasionally go overboard. The most high-profile example of this in the West is probably Milon’s Secret Castle or Super Pitfall, impenetrable games that are almost impossible to topple without some sort of guide. We’d also be spared from the true Super Mario Bros. 2, which equally enjoyed screwing with the player unless they knew what they were doing.

Dig deep enough, and you’ll find quite a few examples of this, but one of my favorites is the absolutely stupid Atlantis no Nazo.

Travel to the 32th zone in Sunsoft's Atlantis no Nazo screenshot

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