Android Games Headlines: Magic ManaStrike, Cultist Simulator, Dead Cells, and More

The world of Android gaming is still waking up from Christmas, so this wasn’t a particularly stellar week for news. Still, we managed to scrape together a few nuggets, and you can read a round-up of our findings below. If it’s new games and updates you’re looking for, check out our Best New Android Games […]

Raph Koster’s analysis of the ways to make a successful service game

Raph Koster, lead designer on Ultima Online and author of A Theory of Fun, has written a great post on Gamasutra setting out the key ways in which a service game can seek to keep its players playing. He argues – and I agree – that retention is the most important thing, because if you […]

Rebel Inc. will launch on Android next year

The folks over at Ndemic Creations have been real busy lately working on Rebel Inc., the successor to smash hit Plague Inc.. While Plague Inc. had you creating a global pandemic, the successor has you dealing with the immediate aftermath of a vicious war. Rebel Inc. is the successor to Plague Inc. You have to try and bring […]