Genshin Impact Is Getting a New ‘Invitation of Windblume’ Update on March 17th

Genshin Impact, miHoYo’s staggeringly popular gacha RPG that looks very similar to Breath of the Wild, is getting its 1.4 update on the 17th of March. Entitled ‘Invitation of Windblume’, the update will feature an event whereby the citizens of Mondstadt gather to celebrate freedom and love amid fluttering dandelion seeds. The event commemorates the […]

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Acclaimed Card-Based Roguelike Cultist Simulator is Discounted by More Than 70% on Android

Cultist Simulator, the highly acclaimed “roguelike narrative card game” from Playdigious, is currently discounted by more than 70% on Android.  Developed by Weather Factory, Cultist Simulator sees you attempting to create a Lovecraftian cult by playing cards. It’s a narrative game, with each attempt containing different events and resulting in different outcomes.  It’s difficult, too, […]

Android Games Headlines: Fallout Shelter, Slayaway Camp, Game of Thrones, and More

There’s a lot going on in the world of Android gaming. If you struggle to keep up, this is the article for you. Every Sunday we round-up the most interesting headlines of the week, so you can chomp through seven days of intel in a single sitting.  We don’t write about new games, though. We […]