Clash Royale King’s Cup Tournament II Sets Standard for Mobile Esports Events

Top players and influencers in Clash Royale gathered in Atlanta this past weekend for the highly-anticipated Clash Royale King’s Cup Tournament II.  Despite being a casual tournament, this Youtube Gaming-exclusive event didn’t hold back on its production budget with a $200k cash prize pool and by flying in top shoutcasters and influencers for 2 days […]

Team Despacito wins inaugural Clash Royale Touchdown Tournament

Just when you thought Clash Royale wasn’t going to get anymore interesting, a brand new game mode has now been introduced: 2v2 Touchdown!  While Clash Royale has seen the introduction of many new game modes over the past year through tournament challenges (i.e. draft challenge, sudden death) and the standard 2v2 quick play, 2v2 Touchdown […]

~10,000 players qualified for Clash Royale’s Crown Championship Phase 2

The Fall Season of the highly anticipated Clash Royale Crown Championship Fall Season is now under way. To qualify for the tournament’s second round (Bracket Play), players had to reach 20 wins during the Crown Championship Challenge.  Today, the Clash Royale team shared with us exactly how many people reached that milestone: 9,989 players.  A full […]

Interview with Atchiin – Clash Royale Crown Championship LATAM Spring Champion

With the Clash Royale Crown Championship taking place live in Los Angeles, the trek was not an easy one for the game’s Latin American players who qualified for the spring finals.  This was especially true for LATAM champion Erick “Atchiin” Wu: based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Erick not only had to take a 12+ hour […]