The End is Nigh’s physical Switch port will come with a squishy toy

If you’re into physical editions of indie games and the Nintendo Switch, then you’ll love the upcoming retail Switch copy of Edmund McMillen’s The End is Nigh. Not only will it include some sweet ass box art and the excellent platformer, but a neato squishy toy for you to hug and love! This will be […]

Rocket League and Universal team up for some more ‘Fast and the Furious’ DLC

When I was prepping a headline for this article, I was going to make reference to the ridiculous, “I live my life a quarter mile at a time,” line, but it turns out developer Psyonix has already made The Fast and the Furious DLC for Rocket League. Imagine my surprise that my totally original reference […]

Age of Giants on Android is the most epic fantasy tower defence game imaginable

The final season of Game of Thrones promises to be the epic fantasy showdown to end all epic fantasy showdowns. It’ll make the Battle of Five Armies from Lord of the Rings look like a playground scrap. But that could be two years away. That’s where Age of Giants comes in. This polished tower defence […]