Evade ghosts and evil pumpkins in Hallows’ Eve, a retro endless runner set in Brookyn

Ghosts, vampires, and werewolves are all scary in their own way, but if you want a real scare just try walking around old school New York. That’s what you have to do in Hallows’ Eve, a new mobile endless-runner that transports you to a terrifying pre-gentrification Brooklyn and tasks you with surviving a night of […]

Will you survive with knowing Metal Gear Survive’s release date?

The last we heard of Metal Gear Survive, the game was being delayed into “early 2018” for some reason or another. Probably to fine tune the gameplay or add more microtrasnactions…who can say? What we now know is that the game actually hasn’t been cancelled. Metal Gear Survive will be releasing on February 20, 2018 […]

The Master of Plunder is a high-octane adventure for every kind of player

When you think of plunder you think of pirates. But ocean-going brigands and salty sea dogs are not the only characters capable of plundering. It seems that fantasy heroes can have a go too. The Master of Plunder sees you venturing out into fantasy landscapes to kill as many assorted baddies as you can and […]

Even Twitch is getting in on the loot box craze

Loot boxes have been slowly invading different games, so why not also start invading streaming services? In a promotion for Halloween, Twitch is bringing out some special, limited emotes that can potentially be unlocked via a loot box. Nothing screams pseudo-gambling to me like live streaming. For those unaware of how Twitch actually pays streamers, […]