Gearbox is hiring a writer for what is probably Borderlands 3

Borderlands and more recently Battleborn developer Gearbox Software is looking for a new writer. Specifically, a writer for an unannounced AAA game that sure sounds like it could be Borderlands 3. “Gearbox is looking for someone to join the writing team for an unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and central narrative thread. The […]

Meet a Hearthstone whale, sorry, superfan.

This is a fascinating interview from PCGamer with a Hearthstone superfan called Nick who spent $3,400 on Hearthstone cards in a single evening. It’s an enlightening canter through the motivations and mindset of someone who classifies themselves as a really big fan. The full post is worth reading. Here is a flavour: Would you recommend […]

When everyone has tax breaks, wouldn’t it be better if no-one had tax breaks?

In their latest regulatory round-up, law firm Osborne Clarke points out that Germany, Italy and Spain will soon be joining the UK, Canada, France and many US states in offering tax breaks to developers. German Games Industry Presents Model Bill For Development Tax Credits Italy extends Tax Benefits for Audiovisual Works – Good News for […]

Tile-matching casual hit Mahjong Mystery gets 1000+ new stages in its latest update

Mahjong is an exotic-sounding word, and if you’ve never played a mahjong app before you might be put off by it. After all, you just wanted to download something casual to pass the time, not some crazy complicated game that takes hours to learn. Well let us put your mind at rest. Mahjong comes in […]