Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: PUBG Mobile, Project xCloud, Levelhead, and More

Welcome to Sunday. This has been a bumper week for updates and events, with new content coming to Levelhead, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off, SINoALICE, and more. There’s plenty of good stuff in the pipeline, too, including a new Warhammer game, a dramatically overhauled Diablo Immortal, and a whole new Xbox game streaming service on Android. […]

Leveraging physical animation to sell Force powers in Jedi: Fallen Order

Every Star Wars fan has dreamed of being a Jedi. But what is it about becoming a monk-like guardian of peace and justice that’s so damn appealing? Sure, the lightsabers are cool, and those robes look ridiculously comfy, but we all know the real allure is getting to use the Force to lob stormtroopers around like bipedal putty.  […]