Disney Mirrorverse is an Action-RPG Starring Amped-Up Disney Characters, Entering Soft-Launch Soon

Disney and Kabam have just announced Disney Mirrorverse, an action-RPG starring “evolved and amplified” versions of Disney and Pixar characters.  Players will assemble teams of guardians and then chuck them into battles with AI-controlled teams and, presumably, other players in PvP.  Here’s the Science Part Disney Mirrorverse is set in a whole new universe which […]

Apex Legends May Be Getting A Bloodhound Town Takeover

Respawn may be teasing the next town takeover for Apex Legends. If you head to Sniper’s Ridge–an apt name for the location given it provides a nice perch over Skyhook and usually hides sniper weapons, attachments, and ammo–on World’s Edge, you’ll find new map changes that seem to hint that Bloodhound is getting a town […]

What happens when an outbreak ruins your game announcement plans?

Thierry Boulanger has wanted to make a 16-bit RPG since he was a kid playing Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo. His ambition never changed, even as he worked for several mid-sized game studios in Quebec developing licensed games like Bionicle: Mask of Creation. “The concept started in elementary school, along with The Messenger,” he […]

Contest: Tip your hat to a Switch copy of hat-hopping multiplayer game Chapeau

We’ve got Switch copies of madcap multiplayer game Chapeau up for grabs in today’s contest! You guys know I love weird games, quirky concepts, and strange executions. They’re my bread and butter. So when a competitive multiplayer game centering around players being hats hits my desk, I’m going to take notice. I have an MO, […]