Fortnite Finally Gave Everyone A Break And It Was Terrifying

On this week’s episode of the GameSpot After Dark podcast Jake, Lucy, and Tamoor are joined by Mary Kish, former GameSpot staff member, current Twitch employee, and all-around amazing streamer. The gang talks about the latest happenings in the world of video games, which includes the great Fortnite downtime of 2019. They also talk about […]

Don’t Miss: My Friend Pedro’s journey from Flash cult hit to indie success

A little over five years ago, an acrobatic Flash shooter called My Friend Pedro launched on Newgrounds. Developed by one-man studio DeadToast, this Matrix-esque amalgamation of bullets and bedlam quickly cemented itself as a cult classic, but was unfortunately lost in the bygone era of browser games.  Recently, however, My Friend Pedro received a massive […]

Project Sakura Wars’ Lancelot music video rallies the troops

Sega keeps on pumping out music videos showcasing the lead characters of the upcoming Project Sakura Wars. Having already dropped fun tracks for Sakura Amamiya, Hatsuo Shinonome, Azami Mochizuki and Elise, this newest video features the stylish, thigh-slapping soldier Lancelot. In keeping with the proud, military spirit of its subject “Entaku no Kishi”, features a […]