GameStop’s early Sony Black Friday sale: $40 PS Plus, $199 PS VR, $20 Horizon Zero Dawn

Black Friday has arrived early for select Sony products at GameStop. The gaming retailer has launched a sale dubbed “Sony Black Friday Week” and you’ll find a number of pretty great deals. Everything from cheap PlayStation Plus membership to $20 Triple-A Sony exclusive titles, and even $100 off PlayStation VR bundles. While GameStop is calling […]

Rules of Survival is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Android

That is an outrageous headline, isn’t it? It’s also true. Rules of Survival is NetEase’s attempt to bring Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to mobile. And it looks remarkably similar, if those screenshots are anything to go by. You’ll still parachute into the world, scrounge for equipment to use, and try to survive long enough to be the last person standing. […]