Cloud9 Champions again for the Vainglory Summer Season

After 3 days of intense competition between the Top 12 Vainglory teams in North America and Europe, the Cloud9 trio of Gabevizzle, iLoveJoseph and OldSkool are once again the winners of the NA & EU Unified Championships.  Having also won the Spring Unified Championships in London, the team has now secured a spot at the Vainglory […]

Massive cross-platform strategy game SteamPower 1830 is out now on Android

The industrial revolution might not sound like a very exciting topic, but it changed the course of history. Without it there probably wouldn’t have been communism, or World War 2, or Google. SteamPower 1830 gives you the chance to get in on the ground floor of the industrial revolution, making you one of the most […]

The House of Da Vinci review – cracking the code

Leonardo Da Vinci may be the greatest artist, inventor, and all round polymath the world has ever known, but he has some serious branding issues. Owing to infinite appearances in pop culture as the archetypal harebrained inventor, plus an unfortunate namecheck in the title of one of the tackiest novels ever written, the words “Da […]