Go behind the scenes of Astroneer’s big crafting overhaul at GDC Summer!

It’s critical that modern game makers understand the nuances of supporting and updating live games, and at GDC Summer this August the Astroneer team will offer their own advice on how to do it gracefully. In a GDC Summer Design track talk on “Mining Your Own Design: Crafting the Crafting System in ‘Astroneer‘“, System Era Softworks’ Aaron […]

Blizzard just published a free short story about one of World of Warcraft’s coolest zones

The story of World of Warcraft marches ever on, into its inevitable….conclusion? When will World of Warcraft “end” anyway? And will Activision give it the chance to bow out gracefully after all these years if the subscriber base starts to slip to unacceptable numbers? God I hope they’d give it the respect it deserves. For […]

Quirky Portal-Inspired Puzzler Hello Human Goes Free in Android

Hello Human, the quirky puzzler from developer Russell King that arrived recently on Android, has had its price slashed to zero. It normally costs $1.99. The game, which owes a stylistic debt to Portal, sees you solving puzzles while a rogue AI cajoles you. King promises witty dialogue and an emotional experience “like no other puzzle […]