Doom Eternal’s Slayer Vs Demon Multiplayer “Battle Mode” Detailed

At the QuakeCon keynote, Bethesda and Id Software detailed its asymmetrical Battlemode multiplayer for Doom Eternal. In this mode, you can take on the role of the classic “Slayer” Doomguy, or one of five demons with varied abilities and upgrades. The 3-player mode pits one Slayer against two Demons. The Slayer is armed to the […]

Discord Dabbles In Organization With Server Folders

Discord, the preeminent gaming chat program, has realized that preeminence has a logistical problem. If you play six games, or have 16 different communities, things can get difficult to manage and it’s a problem that only increases until or unless you start doing some fridge cleaning. With the newest update, though, you can start organizing […]

Tencent left out as China approves the release of 80 new video games

Chinese internet giant Tencent has been excluded from the first batch of video game license approvals issued by the state-run government since March. China regulators approved Saturday the released of 80 online video games after a months-long freeze, Reuters first reported. None of the approved titles listed on the approval list were from Tencent Holdings, the […]