Owlboy will see a physical release on PS4 and Switch this Spring screenshot

Soedesco have announced that their charming, retro-styled adventure Owlboy will be getting a physical release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

After nearly ten years of difficult development, Owlboy finally released on PC in 2016, where it received accolades across the board from critics and fans alike. Here on Destructoid, our own Patrick Hancock was enchanted by the title, ultimately scoring it a golden 10.

Owlboy tells the tale of young Owl-Human hybrid Otus, who is forced to go on a dangerous quest when his clan’s village is attacked by bandits. Otus faces tough boss-battles and challenging puzzles along the way, while being helped (and hindered) by a variety of characters.

The long-awaited console port will be available for download from February 13 when it releases on Nintendo Switch. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will follow sometime soon, but the date isn’t yet determined. This physical edition is expected to land on store shelves May 29.

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