Weekend deals: 20% off Cuphead, PUBG, and $20 Witcher 3 GOTY

This weekend is filled with decent deals, once again in the domain of PC gamers. You can currently pick up Steam copies of Cuphead or Playerunknown’s Battleground for 20% off with a few extra step, which is worth the hassle given these are two of top-selling title on PC right now. Digital retailer GMG is […]

Gorgeous interdimensional sci-fi adventure Deliria just got even better

Developer Eldritch only released its stylish space exploration game Deliria a few weeks ago, and it’s already followed the launch with a game-changing update. Let’s start at the beginning. The year is 2107, about 50 years after an asteroid collided with Earth and created a dimensional rift. Never a species to pass up a commercial […]

Giveaway: A Switch, a controller, and a Titan One walk into…

Here’s a big one for you guys. No, not that. Heathens. It is arousing to be back though. I meant this contest however. The awesome folks at ConsoleTuner.com are at it again: letting you pick your choice of controller (xb360, xb1, PS3 or PS4), a free Nintendo Switch, and of course, the Titan One and […]