This Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark trailer shows a storyline years in the making

Magic: The Gathering is hosting a new expansion soon called War of the Spark, and there’s a pretty flashy new trailer to accompany it. If you don’t follow the storyline, basically that big dragon thing is Nicol Bolas, one of the big bads of Magic: The Gathering. He’s managed to acquire a ton of key […]

Samurai Shodown reveals its first new character in years with Darli Dagger

This weekend at PAX East, SNK revealed an all-new character headed toward their upcoming Samurai Shodown sequel. She looks amazing. Representing the first of three newcomers, Darli Dagger is a seafaring sailor armed with a ridiculously huge serrated sword “and a few secrets”. Described by the developers as “The most badass shipwright to ever sail […]