5 Android gaming stories you should have read this week

It’s Saturday. This means, according to the comprehensive personalised data we collect from our readers using illegal software that we stole from the NSA, that you are either a) at a disco, or b) reading this article. Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of all the Android gaming news stories that you didn’t get […]

8 new Android games you have to play this week

It’s Sunday. Statistically speaking you probably have no plans to attend church today, which means you’re at a loose end. That’s where we come in, with eight Android game recommendations to keep you stimulated until Monday. Whether you’re in the mood for deep strategy or shallow arcade, cutting edge graphics or creaky retro megapixels, there’s something for […]

Cloud9 Champions again for the Vainglory Summer Season

After 3 days of intense competition between the Top 12 Vainglory teams in North America and Europe, the Cloud9 trio of Gabevizzle, iLoveJoseph and OldSkool are once again the winners of the NA & EU Unified Championships.  Having also won the Spring Unified Championships in London, the team has now secured a spot at the Vainglory […]