Star Wars: Republic Commando, one of the greatest tactical shooters of all time, is getting a re-release on Switch and PS4

While tactical shooters were never at the top of the gaming world, they have seen more prolific days than these. Brothers in Arms is practically dead, Rainbow Six is a (good) online-only experience, and Ghost Recon is well…we don’t talk about Ghost Recon. Now, thanks to the folks at Aspyr, a new generation of tacticians […]

[Rev Share] Building a Team: Hardcore Turn Based Tactical…In Space!

Punishing turn based tactical space simulator where tradeoffs and scenarios feed decisions that determine success or failure. Risk your hard earned gear to increase your chances but lose everything when your ships are destroyed. Lead your mercenary company to help factions redraw territorial lines on the map. Gain enough reputation to usurp power over the […]

To-Do Adventure Is a Productivity App That Gamifies Getting Stuff Done

The problem with having a to-do list is you get absolutely nothing for completing it. You fixed that shelf, handed in your assignment, went for a 10 mile run, and washed the dog – big deal. Here’s another list.  That’s why you need To-Do Adventure in your life. By channelling the awesome power of gamification, […]

Diablo 2: Resurrected – Everything We Know

The long-rumored remaster of Diablo II was finally announced at this year’s BlizzConline. What makes this particular remaster more noteworthy than most other reworks is that Diablo II has had a significant impact on the evolution of the modern-day action-RPG, influencing other RPG franchises like Destiny and Borderlands. Seeing the classic game return with a […]