How much functionality should I make before the assets are ready?

Currently, I’m making a game with a friend. I’m the only programmer and the assets are going to take quite a while until they are ready. I’ve already made enough functionality, testing it using cubes and other basic shapes to represent the scene (items, players, enemies, etc) and I’m wondering how much can I do […]

Flipon, the Colorful PC and Switch Puzzler, Arrives on the Google Play Store

Colorful puzzler Flipon, from developer Pixelnest Studio, is out now on Android, courtesy of publisher Plug in Digital. The gameplay sees you matching colored blocks in a well, like any number of arcade puzzlers before it – most notably Tetris Attack. There’s a bit of match-three in there too. It’s a solid enough gameplay mechanic, […]

Destiny 2 Bird Of Prey Quest Guide: How To Find The Harbinger Activity In The EDZ

Earlier in the current Destiny 2 season, players were able to take on the Exotic weapon quest to earn Hawkmoon, a powerful hand cannon. There’s more to the story with Hawkmoon, it seems, and this week the Crow has a new mission related to the new gun. Where you need to go to access the […]

Q& A: Using VR brushstrokes to achieve expressionist exploration in Sunlight

Sunlight is precisely what the world needs right now. Krillbite Studio’s latest is a meditative tonic that offers a brief reprieve from our relentless reality where doom-scrolling is second nature, pandemic anxiety is through the roof, and lockdowns have turned our concept of normality on its head.  The lucid exploration game stretches out a hand and invites players to […]