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Quarter Finals Match Tournament Results For Sep 09 – Sep 10

JoeHart vs Gerar      3-1 Game of the Match   Oveandrei vs Erik    1-3 Game of the Match

The House of Da Vinci review – cracking the code

Leonardo Da Vinci may be the greatest artist, inventor, and all round polymath the world has ever known, but he has some serious branding issues. Owing to infinite appearances in pop culture as the archetypal harebrained inventor, plus an unfortunate namecheck in the title of…

Prelim Match Tournament Results For Sep 09 – Sep 10

Prelims:   Erik vs ShayGFI  

Polished escape sim Castle Breakout gets tutorials and social sharing in Android update

Developer Cloudburst has been showing its polished escape sim Castle Breakout a lot of love lately. A couple of months ago the studio rolled out a huge update that transformed the gameplay by making the various rooms interconnected, as well as enhancing the animations. Get…