Android Games Released This Week – Elune, Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics, DOOM and More

Every week, several new games make their way onto the Google Play store. This week saw a mix of different genres come to our Android devices, including a JRPG, a soccer dating simulator and a roguelike stealth-action game. DOOM and DOOM II – $5.00 I am sure I do not need to explain what DOOM […]

Falcom President Talks The Future Of Legend Of Heroes, And Localizing Trails Of Cold Steel 3

Coming from Nihon Falcom, The Legend of Heroes has always embraced the traditional formula that embodies a classic JRPG. While the series has never quite reached the heights of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, it’s still cultivated a passionate fanbase in Japan, and even managed to carve out a niche in western markets. It’s seen […]

What To Watch This Weekend: Fortnite, Overwatch, And Company Of Heroes 2

The biggest game in the world right now (Fortnite) is having its World Cup this weekend, which means the game will be further out ahead of just about any game on Twitch than it usually is. There’s more to the event than straight competition, however, so make sure to keep up with it throughout the […]

In today’s episode of Pregame Discharge, GTA Online doesn’t need loot boxes because it has an in-game casino now!

$bp(“Brid_64160174”, {“id”:”12899″,”width”:”800″,”height”:”449″,”video”:”441094″}); While Lyle continues to track down his own worst enemy, here’s what’s been happening this past week in video games: Overwatch has a new hero! Google Stadia isn’t trying to be the Netflix of video games! Grand Theft Auto Online introduces “The Diamond Casino & Resort” and more in today’s episode!