Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice joins the gang on mobile

The latest title in the acclaimed Ace Attorney series, Spirit of Justice, released yesterday on iOS and Android for $19.99. It joins the the first five mainline Ace Attorney games on mobile devices. The first Daigyakuten Saiban / The Great Ace Attorney is also on mobile but not localized of course. The Great Ace Attorney 2 and the two Ace […]

Soon you can get physical with Shantae (Half-Genie Hero) on Switch

Gaming’s official belly dancer, Shantae, has made quite the name for herself over the last decade. Beginning as a late era Gameboy Color title, the series has spawned several sequels on various platforms and garnered a cult following. The latest game in the series, Half-Genie Hero, actually wound up seeing a physical release on the […]