Valve is making a new VR Half-Life game

Valve’s Twitter account has confirmed the existence of Half-Life: Alyx, a new SteamVR game being developed in-house.  15 years after the Seattle-based company released the critically-acclaimed Half-Life 2 (the game was first released in 2004, Episode 2 launched in 2007 with The Orange Box), the company appears poised to return to the sci-fi franchise as a vehicle to […]

Right on the heels of Diablo IV’s announcement, Path of Exile 2 is coming

We got ourselves an ARPG war! While Diablo III was fun in its own right, a lot of folks didn’t dig the move away from the macabre aesthetic of old, and fell right into the arms of Path of Exile. While it was a rough unknown at first, the scrappy free-to-play (actually free-to-play) game really worked […]

Google Stadia Gets 10 New Launch Titles, Bringing the Total to 22

Google has announced 10 new launch titles on the eve of the launch of its video games streaming service Stadia. That brings the total up to 22 launch titles. Google Stadia is an Upcoming Streaming Service by Google The new additions include a few of the year’s big hits, amongst more. Here’s the full list: […]